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Rowdy Brixey, president of Brixey Engineering, was awarded the Robert A. Fischer Distinguished Service Award Thursday at Baking TECH 2023 for his outstanding service and leadership to the American Society of Baking. –March 2023

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19Mitch Brixey, Joyce-Junior Brixey and 17 others





IBIE 2022 was a great investment for our company! –09/21/22

Brixey Engineering, Inc is thrilled to bring the last Brixey child into the fold with the addition of Kyle Brixey. Kyle has 16+ years of experience in food manufacturing maintenance and management. Kyle is an engineering enthusiast spending his days working on commercial machinery and his evenings working on his motorcycles or building turbo kits. Kyle’s years of experience and his problem-solving skills will be a valuable addition to our team. Join us in welcoming Kyle—we’re so happy to have him! –04/16/22

Brixey Engineering Inc is excited to welcome Blaine Kennard to our Team! Blaine comes to us with many years of experience in law enforcement, public service, and military. Fair to say Blaine knows how to handle all types of dangerous situations so ovens should be a piece of cake! — 12/16/21